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A procurement has been announced for design and construction of Rail Baltica Riga Central Passenger Station, railway bridge and railway embankment

The implementing body of European gauge railway Rail Baltica in Latvia – the company SIA Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas – has prepared and on April 21 announced an open, international procurement „Rail Baltica Riga Railway Bridge, railway embankment and Riga Central Passenger Station design and build project”....

22. May 2017. g.
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Reconstruction of Riga Central Station and its territory under the Rail Baltica project will be effected through ideas by the Danish PLH/COWI (+photo, video)

At a festive ceremony on 22 March, the premiums assigned by the international jury were awarded to members of the competition „Development of the Rail Baltica Riga railway bridge and Riga Central Multimodal Public Transportation Hub area“, and a decision was announced – the Rail Baltica project „Reconstruction...

23. March 2017. g.
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Honouring the pro-active municipalities involved in the planning of Rail Baltica

On 15 March, at the council meeting of the Latvian Association of Local and Regional Governments the Minister of Transport, Mr Uldis Augulis, presented honorary certificates by the Cabinet of Ministers to representatives from all 15 municipalities, who took pro-active part in the planning of Rail Baltica and the territories...

21. March 2017. g.
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