Tender submission deadline for Rail Baltica Riga railway station, bridge and embankment design and build procurement has been extended

26. July, 2017

This was decided thinking of the crucial role of high qualification requirements, since it is the largest design&build project in Latvia. The total costs shall amount to nearly 200 Mio. Euro, and the project shall be completed during the next five years.

Since its announcement in this April, the procurement „Elaboration of the construction project and construction works of Rail Baltica's Riga Railway bridge, railway embankment and Riga Central Passenger Station premises“ procured regarding the European gauge railway line Rail Baltica by its implementing party in Latvia – Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas – has been largely discussed both locally, and internationally. To support potential candidates, the submission deadline for Stage 1 has been prolonged by a month –by 25 August. Stage 1 is supposed to shortlist suitable tenderers in terms of qualification and experience. Kaspars Vingris, Head of Project Implementation Department at Eiropas Dzelzceļa līnijas: „High qualification level and appropriate experience are crucial for a quality project. Not only it is the largest Design&Build project in Latvia resulting with a finished Rail Baltica; it is also among the most complex projects, since new infrastructure shall be integrated into dynamic urban environment: Rail Baltica shall be integrated within the Riga multimodal transport hub in a way it matches the urban landscape and does not suppress the city's heritage. Prolongation of an international procurement will contribute to equal competitive opportunities both for foreign and local businesses, giving time to draft and collate all the relevant documentary proof regarding the many sectors – experience in the design and build of railway, bridges, stations. We might expect even more candidates and betted bids. Besides the high standards set on candidates, they are also made largely responsible for the large-scale transformation in the central, most dynamic part of Riga City.“

The international the procurement „Elaboration of the construction project and construction works of Rail Baltica's Riga Railway bridge, railway embankment and Riga Central Passenger Station premises“ is organised in two stages accounting for savings of time and resources. Stage Two on the elaboration of construction plan and construction works along with work delivery propositions according to technical specifications shall be announced at the end of this year. The preferred tenderer will be awarded contract conclusion rights on the elaboration of construction plan and construction works, which shall be commenced in 2019. The tender regulations allow for both Latvian and foreign business to form partnerships merging relevant competencies and submitting a bid; they are free to decide on their cooperation model and leading partner. Project implementers have set high quality requirements: candidates shall present quality statements of completed works, and the average net turnover during the last years shall amount to 100 Mio.  Euro, and the candidate and its proposed experts shall have at least 5 years experience in design and at least 7 years experience in construction works. As already reported earlier, the calculated project costs amounted to 186 million Euro, estimated within the feasibility study by AECOM. According to the sketch design contest results, the solution based on the sketch design by PLH Arkitekter and COWI (Denmark) was preferred since it was able to meet the budget requirements, offering sustainable technical solutions of due quality and efficient use of resources, and it provided justified scope of building and sequence of works. The authors of the sketch design have a rich experience in similar objects.

In general, integration of Rail Baltica within Riga multimodal transport hub will improve accessibility for disabled persons, safety, mobility, and transport availability. It will result in serving passengers travelling on both railway gauges. New street junction at Elizabetes and Timoteja Street will relieve traffic on nearby streets. A connection between the city centre and Pārdaugava will be established: a bridge with a new pedestrian and cycle path over River Daugava. Two parts of Riga will be linked: Old Town and Riga Central Market will be linked both visually and functionally. The renovation of southern side of Riga Central Railway Station will result in quality public outdoors premises.

To prevent the harmonic development ideas from the sketch design contest for Riga urban environment from getting lost, the Ministry of Transport has proposed establishing a supra-institutional coordination council to support cooperation of the state, Riga City stakeholders and third parties.

The project is being implemented with the 85% co-funding of CEF (Connecting Europe Facility) and 15% national budged co-funding.