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Closed tender ''Rail Baltica Riga railway bridge, railway embankment and Riga Central Passenger Station  design and build project'' EDZL 2017/2 CEF 21.04.2017.

12.09.2017. -10.00

​Deadline for application is prolonged!



Annexes (Word)

Question and answer

Questions and answers (22.05.2017.)

Questions and answers (24.05.2017.)

Questions and answers (25.05.2017.)

Questions and answers (02.06.2017.)

Questions and answers (08.06.2017.)

Questions and answers (16.06.2017.)

Questions and answers (22.06.2017.)

Questions and answers (29.06.2017.)

Questions and answers (06.07.2017.)

Questions and answers (13.07.2017.)

Corrections (02.08.2017)

Questions and answers (04.09.2017.)

Open tender „Identification and study of cultural heritage within the compartment zone of Rail Baltica line in Latvian territory.“

EDZL 2017/1 CEF


21.04.2017. - 10.00


Open tender „Provision of study of potential electromagnetic impact on ATM/CNS systems of the SJSC “Latvijas gaisa satiksme” due to the Rail Baltica railway infrastructure project and further train operations at Riga International Airport“


the Contracting authority announces Site Survey to be held on 17 March, 2017 at 13:00 in the facilities of SJSC “Latvijas gaisa satiksme”, International Airport Riga, Mārupe municipality, LV-1053.

EDZL 2017/3 CEF


13.04.2017. -10.00

Terms of Reference

Information and documents 
to Paragraph
of the Tender)

Open procedure for real estate appraisers

EDZL 2016/5 CEF


11.04.2017. -10:00

Regulation (LV)

“Land use planning design, land registry, and boundary marking work execution for the real estate, which is related to the European standard gauge public use railway infrastructure line “Rail Baltica” construction” 

EDZL 2016/4 CEF


06.04.2017. -

Specified in the regulations (LV)

Clarifications (LV)

Closed tender „Construction design of Rail Baltica's Airport Riga railway station, related infrastructure, and viaduct“



24.01.2018. 10.00

Deadline for application is prolonged!



Questions and Answers (LV) 25.11.2016.

Questions and Answers (LV) 28.11.2016.

Questions and Answers (LV)  29.11.2016.

Explanation (LV) 08.12.2016.

Questions and Answers (LV) 08.12.2016.

Questions and Answers (LV) 08.12.2016.

Information regarding Brief (LV) 12.12.2016.

and translation (ENG)

Questions and Answers (LV + ENG) 23.12.2016.

Adjustments to the Brief (ENG) 28.12.2016.

Questions and Answers (LV + ENG) 29.12.2016.

Questions and Answers (LV) 29.12.2016.

Questions and Answers (LV + ENG) 30.12.2016.

Questions and Answers (LV + ENG) 30.12.2016.

Call For Tenders

Questions and Answers (LV) 11.12.2017.

Questions and Answers (LV) 21.12.2017.

Questions and Answers (LV) 08.01.2018.

Call For Tenders with adjustments 18.01.2018.

Technical specification with adjustments 18.01.2018.

Specification for BIM model with adjustments 18.01.2018.

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